Handgunner of the Week: Jerry Miculek

Professional shooter, Jerry Miculek.
  This week's Handgunner of the Week is Jerry Miculek. Jerry has been a full-time competitive shooter since 1989 and currently shoots for Team Smith & Wesson. He became a household name in the shooting world in 1999 when he broke 3 world records for revolver shooting set by Ed McGivern in 1932. He has set a total of 5 sanctioned world records with a revolver. Jerry also holds world and national championships in multiple shooting leagues & disciplines including 2 IPSC World Shoot Revolver Championships and 11 USPSA 3-Gun & Multi-Gun National Championships. He is considered by many to be "The Greatest Shooter of all Time". Miculek's wife, Kay, and daughter, Lena, are both professional shooters as well. You can find more about the Miculeks and check out their line of shooting products at miculek.com.