About Resolute Response

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  Instructor Bio

  Scotty served as an 0311 Rifleman in the U.S. Marine Corps from 2004-2012 (view DD-214 here). Between 2005-2008 he deployed three times to combat zones in the Middle East where he served as an automatic rifleman and fireteam leader. From 2009-2012 he served at The Basic School (TBS) in Quantico, VA where he supported training exercises for newly minted Marine lieutenants. During his time at TBS, Scotty earned several Marine Corps instructor certifications and began attending professionally-taught, private sector firearms training classes. After leaving the military he continued to seek professional firearms training, participated in competitive handgun shoots at the local level, and began training proven martial arts such as boxing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Prior to starting Resolute Response, Scotty was an assistant instructor at Protective Shooting Concepts, where he was mentored by friend and longtime firearms instructor Jay Cunningham. When he is not on the range, you can find Scotty spending time with his wife of fourteen years, their five children, and friends from his local church.


  We believe that the ideal way to win a fight is avoidance, but our mission is to provide you with the tools to protect yourself and loved ones with a firearm when avoidance is not an option.

Instructor Credentials

Rangemaster Certified Firearms Instructor, 2022
NRA Range Safety Officer, 2017
NRA Basic Pistol Instructor, 2016
USMC Foreign Weapons Instructor, 2010
USMC Formal Schools Instructor, 2009
USMC Enlisted Warfighting Instructor, 2009

Training Resume

Symtac Consulting, Shotgun Skills, 2024
Know H.O.W. Dynamics, Team Movement in Structures, 2024
Know H.O.W. Dynamics, In-Structure Defense Force-on-Force, 2024
Symtac Consulting, Shotgun Skills, 2023
Know H.O.W. Dynamics, Armed Fighter, 2023
Know H.O.W. Dynamics, In-Structure Defense Force-on-Force, 2023
Tom Givens, Rangemaster Instructor Development Course, 2022
Know H.O.W. Dynamics, Stop the Bleed, 2022
Know H.O.W. Dynamics, House of Worship Security, 2022
360 Performance Shooting, Private Handgun Class, 2022
Greg Ellifritz, Defensive Shotgun, 2021
Kodiak Defensive Solutions, Intermediate AR15, 2021
Varg Freeborn, CQB Force-on-Force, 2020
Greg Ellifritz, Tactical First Aid & System Collapse Medicine, 2020
Onsight Firearms Training, Defensive Shotgun, 2019
Varg Freeborn, Defensive Rifle, 2019
Onsight Firearms Training, Defensive Pistol, 2019
Varg Freeborn, Gutterfight Pistol, 2018
Greg Ellifritz, Tactical First Aid & System Collapse Medicine, 2018
Protective Shooting Concepts, Protective Pistol Dark, 2017
Protective Shooting Concepts, Protective Pistol I, 2017
C&G Training, Intro to Pistol, 2017
C&G Training, Defensive Pistol, 2016
Trigger Pressers Union, NRA Basic Pistol Instructor Course, 2016
Robert Vogel, Private Handgun Class, 2016
Robert Vogel, Private Handgun Class, 2015
G&R Tactical, VSM Pistol I, 2013
G&R Tactical, VSM Pistol II, 2013
Ohio Concealed Carry Institute, Ohio Firearms Legal Seminar, 2013
Defensive Concepts NC, VSM Carbine, 2012
Rappahannock Regional Criminal Justice Academy, Glock Armorer Course, 2012
Commonwealth Criminal Justice Academy, Tactical Carbine, 2011
Commonwealth Criminal Justice Academy, Tactical Pistol, 2011
USMC, Foreign Weapons Instructor Course, 2010

Professional Memberships

National Rifle Association, Life Member 2006 - Present
Moundsville Rifle & Pistol Club, Member 2015 - Present
Whitehorse Tactical Range, Member 2021 - Present
Firearms Trainers Association, Member 2021 - Present
Buckeye Firearms Association, Member 2022 - Present
West Virginia Citizens Defense League, Member 2022 - Present