The PC Carbine Chronicles, Part II

  It's been just over a week since my last range session with the PC Carbine. I got some serious reps in and pushed the gun a little more than last time. So much, in fact, that both of the screws I loctited came loose again. In case you forgot, that's the charging handle and fore-end screws. In addition, the PC Carbine had an extra surprise for me - the screws fastening the front sight assembly loosened.

  I expected the charging handle and fore-end screws to loosen, and tightened them at the range. I didn't notice the front sight screws until I got home, though. A good friend who is a Ford mechanic gave me some red Motorcraft thread locker. He said it's supposed to be higher quality than Loctite, so hopefully this solution works. If it doesn't, my next step will probably be to solicit the forums and see who has had similar experiences.

  It wasn't all bad, though. I did some more reading in the owner's manual and on the forums about loose barrel adjustment knobs and was able to sort that out. The barrel adjustment knob gave me no issues during this range session.

  I'm trying to run this firearm in as close to factory form as possible, so no optics right now. I ran a 25 yard rifle qual and, while my hits were good, my time was abysmal compared to times I've clocked with a RDS-equipped AR15. I think that I've probably been spoiled by my Aimpoints and need to bust the rust off of my iron sight shooting.

  Reloads are slow as hell compared to my AR15's. This is because the PC Carbine's magazine release is not within reach of the firing hand. When reloading an AR15 you can hit the magazine release with your firing hand without breaking your firing grip while simultaneously retrieving a fresh mag with your non-dominant hand. Not so with the PC Carbine. To perform a reload without breaking your firing grip, you must retrieve your fresh mag, hit the magazine release, and cycle the charging handle with your non-dominant hand - much slower. I'll continue to work on bolt-lock reloads and will probably isolate and focus on them next time I shoot the PC Carbine.

  Reliability continues to be 100% with OEM Glock 19 magazines.

  The sling setup from Tech Ten Tactical, Midwest Industries, and Impact Weapons Components has been awesome. The steel slider on the T10 Sling locks up tightly when adjusted and the MI QD sockets put the sling in an ideal position.