Equipment Review: Crossbreed Supertuck Holster

  I have been carrying concealed handguns since early 2009. As most of you who are serious about concealed carry know, you may have to make quite a few adjustments to your wardrobe to accommodate your handgun, holster, and spare mag or speed loader. Most people who CC also have a "holster drawer" where they store all of their old CC holsters that didn't work out. I am one of the lucky few who didn't have that problem. I purchased a cheap in-the-waistband holster to hold me over while I did research to buy my dedicated CC holster. My research brought me to where I began to seriously consider their flagship model, the Supertuck. There are a few alternatives that use the same concept as the Supertuck and even some outright copies of this holster, but I wound up settling on the Crossbreed.

   The Crossbreed Supertuck is a so-called "hybrid" holster. The design consists a layer of kydex which is form-fitted to your specific handgun and riveted to a leather paddle. On the leather paddle are your belt attachments. There are several attachment options to choose from. There are the "J-Hooks" that go over the waist of your pants, behind your belt, and then hook around the bottom of your belt. This puts the weight of the holster on your pants, but creates a very secure platform to draw from because of the way it hooks the bottom of your belt. There are the "Snap-Locks" that go over your belt and kind of clamp over its bottom edge. These put the weight of your CC rig on your belt and still provide a secure platform that will not come loose during your draw stroke. I have always used this attachment method and have had no problems with it so far. The final attachment method is the "V-Clip" which goes over the waist of your pants and behind your belt. It has a hook-side Velcro patch facing outboard and is meant to be worn with a CC belt that has loop-side Velcro on its inside.

The Snap-Lock is one of 3 belt attachment options.

  You have a few other options as well when purchasing your Supertuck, such as leather type and the "Combat Cut". The Combat Cut reduces the size of the leather paddle around the grip of your handgun and allows you to get a more firm and full grip when drawing. I recommend this option from personal experience. My first Supertuck did not have this option and I wound up combat cutting it myself. I opted to have this feature on my next Supertuck and couldn't be happier. It looks much cleaner than my homemade Combat Cut and is just as effective.

Crossbreed Supertuck with factory Combat Cut

This Crossbreed Supertuck will fit any standard frame Glock handgun regardless of slide length.

  The Supertuck is advertised as being a "tuckable" IWB holster, meaning that, due to the design of the attachment methods, you can tuck your shirt into your pants and over your firearm while carrying IWB. I have never been able to make this work, though without blousing my shirt out to the extent that I looked like a total fruitcake. I tried it once the first week that I carried with the holster and didn't make it out of the house before I untucked my shirt. Sorry. If that is your primary attraction to the Supertuck then it may not be the holster for you. For me, however, the adjustable ride height, adjustable cant, and the way the leather paddle conforms to my body while the kydex securely retains my firearm are the attractions. The fact that the belt attachments are so far apart also makes for a very stable ride and keeps the holster from rocking forward or aft.

   Using my first Supertuck, I was able to easily conceal a full-sized 1911 in summer attire. When I switched from 1911's to Glocks I tried a different holster, but couldn't make the ride height work. I ended up selling that holster and purchasing my second Supertuck which I still use.

   Another useful feature of this holster is its ability to hold different length firearms as long as their frames are similar. For instance, I can conceal my wife's sub-compact Glock 26 or my full-sized Glock 17 in the same holster. For you 1911 aficianados, you can conceal your Officers' Model or Defender in the same holster as your Government Model.

   This is an extremely versatile, comfortable, and concealable holster. I have been using them regularly for over 2 years and have had no issues whatsoever. Just to give you an idea, I work on a military base, so while I can't CC at, to, or from work, I do CC any other time I leave my house. Ok, enough of me talking. I'll post some photos now.

The Crossbreed Supertuck conceals well and is very comfortable.