Lance Thomas

"Because I prepared myself so thoroughly I was able to survive." - Lance Thomas
  This week's Handgunner of the Week is Lance Thomas, a Los Angeles watch dealer. In the late 80's he was given a small, .38 revolver by a friend after a series of nearby robberies. Several weeks later he was forced to use it when an assailant attempted to rob him at gunpoint in his store. Thomas shot the robber who, after recovering from his wounds, was sentenced to several years in prison.

  After the first robbery Thomas acquired several more handguns and arranged them every 3 feet behind his counter so that he would be able to quickly access a firearm no matter where he stood. He also began hitting the gym and going to the pistol range regularly.

  Several months later Thomas' preparations paid off when 2 robbers, one armed with an automatic MAC-10, paid his shop a visit. The firefight ended with both robbers dead and Thomas with 4 gunshot wounds.

  After the second robbery Thomas began spending more time at the pistol range and purchased more handguns. He was robbed 2 more times, killed 3 more robbers, and suffered one more gunshot wound before gang members placed a hit on him, forcing him to close his storefront.

Thomas eventually moved his business to a private, secure location. Note the Kalashnikov and shotgun in the background.

  Thomas was outnumbered in each robbery attempt and even faced automatic weapons, but each time, due to his mindset and firearms training, he persevered. Thomas had no military or law enforcement experience and was not a "gun guy", but once he armed himself he took self-defense seriously and understood the gravity of facing and using lethal force. When all was said and done Lance Thomas had survived 4 attempted robberies and 5 gunshot wounds. He shot 6 of his assailants, killing 5 of them.

  I usually don't spend more than a couple of minutes on YouTube videos, but if you have 10 minutes to watch this fascinating documentary/interview with Thomas you won't regret it.