Scott Perkins

Marine veteran Scott Perkins with Bastrop County, Texas Deputy Sheriff Dylan Morris

  Scott Perkins is a Marine veteran, avid hunter, and concealed carry permit holder. In January of this year Perkins was on a date with his wife when he came upon a frightening scene - local Deputy Sheriff Dylan Morris grappling with a DUI suspect who had the upper hand and was trying to gain control of the Deputy's sidearm. Being no stranger to dangerous situations after 2 tours to Iraq, he immediately made the decision to go to Deputy Morris' aid. After Perkins drew his concealed handgun and ordered the assailant to stop, the suspect fled the scene and Perkins waited with the deputy until back-up arrived. The suspect, Kenton Fryer, was subsequently caught, arrested, and charged with Aggravated Assault of a Public Servant, Taking an Officer's Weapon, Evading Arrest with a Vehicle, and DUI with a Child under 15.

Perkins shows his concealed handgun and holster to a local reporter.
  When interviewed by local news Perkins was very humble and had this to say about his thought process when rushing to Morris' aid: "I was in the Marine Corps for 4 years. I did 2 tours in Iraq, so as far as the situation, I've been put in similar situations. You know, life or death situations, so at that point you don't even think about your own life or anything else. All you're trying to do is stop the situation from somebody else getting injured."

  Without firing a shot, Perkins quite possibly saved Deputy Morris' life due to his mindset and decision-making ability. When faced with this situation he moved to the fight, worried only about stopping the threat, and did no more than was required to end the situation. See more about this story in the video below.