Equipment Review: V Development Group Seraph AIWB Holster

  Often when I'm talking to somebody who is giving appendix-in-the-wasitband (AIWB) a try for the first time they tell me that it conceals great, but is uncomfortable in one way or another. I always tell them to give it a month or so before writing it off, that they should try different cants, different points along the beltline, etc. When I first strapped my Seraph AIWB holster onto my belt over 1 year ago I was skeptical. I practiced what I preach, though, and played with adjustments and placement for a couple of weeks. Boy, am I glad I did. This holster from V Development Group (VDevGru) has been my go-to holster since last July. I have used it for everyday carry, range practice sessions, and handgun classes.

  The holster body is manufactured to VDevGru's specifications by Dark Star Gear. It is crafted from .080" Tru Hide - a kydex with a very aesthetically pleasing texture that looks similar to leather. The muzzle-end of the holster body has been left open to accomodate standard-frame Glock pistols (a variant is also available for single-stack Glock pistols) of all slide lengths, threaded barrels, compensators, and whatever else you thread to your muzzle. The sight channel appears to have enough clearance for most suppressor-height sights.

  The Seraph shipped from VDevGru as a modular package that included all accessories I needed to tailor the holster to my body and carry style. To fasten the Seraph to my belt, VDevGru included a set of the tried and true Pull-The-Dot loops and an excellent set of steel clips from Discreet Carry Concepts. A foam wedge and a set of adhesive Velcro patches were in the kit as well. The wedge was to be placed on the body-side, muzzle-end of the holster body. It enhanced concealment by tucking the top of the gun in towards my body. The foam wedge was also a little more necessary due to the open muzzle on the Seraph. On a holster with a rounded, closed muzzle you may be able to get by without a wedge, but an open muzzle means edges that will dig into your leg and tender parts. The foam wedge is made from a soft, comfortable material and kept these edges from contacting my skin. Further enhancing concealment was a Raven Concealment Claw (current offerings ship with the Dark Wing), which reduced printing by tucking the grip closer into my body.

  The Seraph has been my go-to carry holster for over a year now and has survived multiple handgun classes and live-fire practice sessions. VDevGru constantly improves their gear, so what you order today will likely be even better than what I ordered last year. If you're looking for an AIWB holster for your Glock pistol, good coffee, sharp looking swag, or other innovative, life-saving gear I highly recommend that you head to and do some shopping.