Initial Impressions: C&G Holsters/1 Minute Out MOD1 IWB Holster

  The MOD1 IWB Holster is a collaborative effort between my friends at C&G Holsters and Jamey Caldwell of 1 Minute Out. It is a "sidecar" holster, meaning the holster is worn in front of the hips and has a built-in magazine carrier. Most sidecar holsters are solid, kydex systems with a slight curve molded into the middle. It's a "one size fits some" solution with little to no modularity. The MOD1 addresses this and other issues unique to traditional sidecar holsters. Instead of the holster and magazine carrier being a solid kydex system, the MOD1 is a kydex holster with a spare magazine carrier connected by a hinge. This allows the MOD1 Holster to conform to more body types than traditional sidecar holsters. The hinge also allows end-users to adjust the ride heights of the holster and magazine carrier independently.

  Most current AIWB holsters have some sort of wing or claw attachment to reduce printing. On traditional sidecar holsters, any benefit of these attachments is potentially negated by the magazine carrier. A related issue is that the claw attachments and the spare magazine carrier counteract each other in such a way that the holster may eventually crack.

Cracked Sidecar holster posted to by user pewsaremymuse.

  The MOD1's hinge allows for C&G's Darkwing attachment to do its job with no interference by the mag carrier or damage to the holster.

  I've been carrying my Glock 19 in a MOD1 Holster for several weeks now and so far, I'm impressed. The first thing I noticed was the attention to detail that went into the molding. The aesthetics of this holster are perfect.


  One concern I had was that the edge of the open muzzle would dig into my leg. This was not the case. Upon further inspection, I noticed that C&G had molded a subtle wedge into the body-side of the holster. This aids in concealment by tucking the pistol's grip close to the body and aids in comfort by providing a buffer between your skin and the edge of the kydex.

  On day one, I put the MOD1's modularity to the test when I decided that the spare magazine carrier rode higher than I preferred. I was able to lower it with no trouble.

  Shooting from the MOD1 is a pleasure. The holster stays put during draws due to the excellent DCC belt attachments that C&G incorporated into this design. It is also very stable due to the distance between the belt attachments and does not rock back and forth at all. The MOD1 audibly "clicks" each time I reholster, and both the magazine carrier and holster pass my retention test (turn upside-down and shake vigorously). Despite these retention characteristics, draws from the MOD1 are effortless. During live-fire testing, draw times were equal to my V Development Group and Raven Concealment holsters.

  I have worn the MOD1 with casual, business-casual, and outdoor clothing and did not have to modify my attire or "dress around the gun" any more than usual.


  I have enjoyed testing the MOD1 so far and plan to publish a more long term review in a few months. The MOD1 has been on pre-sale for about a week and is scheduled to start shipping on 1-20-20. I usually wait to purchase new products so the manufacturer can work any bugs out, but so far it appears that C&G already worked them out. Buy with confidence.

“My goal with C&G was to build an elite piece of kit for everyday carry. It had to be adjustable for each user, comfortable to wear all day, and allow customization for different situations. I think we nailed it!! 
The MOD1 gives you unlimited amounts of adjustment in all directions for the best fit, comfort, and concealability. The expansion pieces allow you to select the essential component to fit your mission for that day because you are the front line of defense.” - Jamey Caldwell, Special Operations veteran & founder of 1 Minute Out